Andrew Willans

DSC_0792Andrew Willans

Andrew’s immersion into the world of video games started with the launch of the Commodore Vic-20 back in the Jurassic period of 1981. This was the one medium of storytelling and escapism that remained a constant in his life.

After graduating from Art College as a graphic designer a career in the games industry was something that was unheard of at the time so the lure of a stable income resulted in a prolonged sentence in the Civil Service. The flexible hours ensured that his daily gaming addiction was fulfilled until a chance meeting with a friend presented him with an opportunity that was too good to ignore.

Andrew joined Venom Games (2K Games) as a Development Tester and quickly learned the trade, working his way to a Design role in under a year. After Venom closed its doors due to a worldwide downsizing by Take Two Interactive he was taken under the wing of Ubisoft and joined the team at Reflections to start work on the next episode in the Driver series. During the production of the critically acclaimed Driver San Francisco Andrew attended E3 to promote the game, graduated from the Ubisoft Design Academy in Paris, and was present at many industry events to represent the field of Game and Level Design. He is a regular speaker at universities across the UK, presented at this year’s Animex festival and served as mentor for developer teams at Dare to Be Digital 2013.

Having recently completed 2 years as a Game Designer on the hugely anticipated next gen title Watch_Dogs Andrew is currently working in Lyon, France on another next-gen heavyweight The Crew.

With a passion for creating fun on any platform his moto reflects his dedication to the deliver games of any scope…. “AAA by day, Indie by night”.