Claire Willans

CWClaire Willans

Born and bred in the beautiful, historic city of Durham, Claire didn’t stray far from home when attending Sunderland university’s Art Foundation course. There she discovered her passion for contemporary art was quashed due to a few poncey peers, this lead to a new passion for graphic design. This took her to Cleveland College of Art & Design to complete an HND Graphic Communications with distinction. Here she also learnt the joys of student accommodation & student nights at The Madison and The Arena. Feeling work was still too daunting a concept at this time in life, Claire, fascinated with the concept of ‘making graphics move’ on screen, then went on to complete a BA (Hons) Multimedia Design at Northumbria University.

Having worked part-time for a Multimedia company while at uni and now completely done with education, Claire had a taste of the real world and landed her first real job with a small Multimedia company in Newcastle. She moved on after 9 months to a larger company ‘inovica’ where she worked on projects for clients such as Nike and Aston Workshop.

After being made redundant in 2003, Claire then went on to work on the Web Team at Durham County Council in 2004.

The idea to make the mobile game Plug It! was born in 2011 and ‘haveUplayed’ was formed. Here she found a much sought after creative outlet and the chance to learn new skills in a new media.

After 8 years at DCC, the urge to move on was like fire ants in the pants, so she decided to set up her own design company ‘White Button’. She still works for the council part-time over in sunny(?!) Seaham while building up a client base for her new company.

Claire enjoys adding new places explored to the world map, long walks with her much adored Samoyed ‘Yuuki’ and hubby, hurling herself down very snowy mountains on skis and enjoying delicious food & wine.