John Shires

John ShiresJohn Shires

John Shires is a senior programmer at Ubisoft and has worked on some of the world’s biggest game franchises. He started his programming journey at an early age and cut his teeth copying Basic code from the “Computer Games – Science In Action” book into his beloved Acorn Electron.

John grew up in Cardiff and chose to study computer science at Newcastle University, mainly due to the place of his birth and a certain football team. When the opportunity to work at a games studio arose, he jumped at the chance and has never looked back. Getting his foot in the door as a mission scripter, John quickly moved in the the programming team and has cemented his skills as a programmer over the years.

When he isn’t glued to this laptop, he enjoys spending his time with his family and has recently become a dad. He would like to thank his wife and daughter for putting up with the endless clicking of his mouse while they try to watch TV.