Jonathan Stobbs

StobbsyJonathan Stobbs

Jonathan got hooked on games when he was given his first C64 computer in 2012….. joking aside, actually it was in 1987 when he was 6 years old.

He had never considered a job in the games industry, but landed his first at the age of 18 at Eutechnyx in a role that involved IT and testing on ‘James Bond 007 Racing’ and ‘Big Mutha Truckers’. He thinks he got the job because the bosses wanted their cars fixed on the cheap at his fathers garage ;) ….. but, this was a good foot in the front door.

After leaving Eutechnyx, Jonathan joined Rage Games where he worked on the very successful boxing game  ’Rocky’. After Rage closed it doors he became  IT manager for Venom Games, working on ‘Rocky 2′, ‘Prey’ and ‘Bioshock’ . While at  Venom Games he completed a Cisco Course and also became a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist  by taking night classes at college.

After another unfortunate studio closure, Jonathan moved on to Ubisoft as a Producer for ‘Driver San Francisco’. If he sees one more spreadsheet he may cry!!

Jonathan is now involved with online ecommerce and many personal projects. One of these projects being Plug It!