Simon ‘Scoop’ Cooper

ScoopSimon ‘Scoop’ Cooper

Born in the mysterious lands of ‘down south’, Scoop moved ‘up north’ at the tender age of 4 (accompanied by his parents, who helped by carrying his cases and doing all of the driving). After a misspent youth playing on his Amiga, he went on to study Computing at the University of Sunderland, where he learned the correct way to drink a flaming Sambuca. In an attempt to avoid responsibility or ‘growing up’ he then studied for a masters degree in Intelligent Systems. University was then followed by a long period of training in the game of pool and playing Planescape: Torment while trying to find a job. He then stumbled into a job at Reflections Interactive after one day missing a train to Hartlepool.

Starting as a Mission Scripter on Driver: Parallel Lines, Scoop went on to work on various prototypes that unfortunately were never to be released. One day though, Ubisoft came along and bought Reflections, which led to him spending 10 sunny weeks in Barcelona working on the Wii port of D:PL. That was swiftly followed by Driver: San Francisco, for which he had to learn the mystical language of Lua. He was never the same again.

At about the time that work started on Plug It! Reflections were starting work collaborating on Watch_Dogs, which resulted in another holiday for Scoop – this time 5 weeks in Montreal. Scoop likes playing music, growing facial hair for Movember and dreams of one day being recognised by a pretty lady in a night club as ‘the guy that made that level’.