Introducing Plug it! Out now!!

Deep within the tropical rain forests of Central America volcanoes are bursting to life. It’s hatching season for the Pikuni lizards and their eggs are dangerously close to the sink holes that will soon be filled with molten hot magma. Help Goi the lizard to block the holes and stop the flow of lava. Save the eggs from becoming a fiery offering to the mountain gods!

Plug It! is a touch and tilt controlled game for Android devices, a genre blending game that combines platforming action, physics, and puzzles. It’s a test for the mind and reflexes as you rush to navigate the levels and roll stone spheres to plug the holes. Use the environment to create the safest and fastest route for the spheres before the lava flow reaches the eggs.


  • Play 90 levels, replayable in 3 distinct modes:
    • Avoid the eggs and plug the hole in Egg Mode
    • Roll the spheres to collect the treasure in Coin Mode
    • Plug the hole against the clock in Time Attack Mode
  • Use your collected golden coins to unlock the special bonus level and have fun squashing the bad eggs before they can hatch
  • Beautiful and unique graphic style
  • Original music
  • Beautiful and unique graphic style
  • Original music